Teacher Appreciation Guide: Wellness For Educators

Educators, you are everyday superheroes. Your daily acts of kindness. Your perseverance. Your courage. Your flexibility. Your adaptability. And this in face of the hardship and lack of support that you face throughout your day. Thank you for continuing to restore hope and joy in education!

Now, we’re here to restore hope and joy in YOU. To support you, celebrate you, appreciate you, today and every day. This toolkit is created specifically for you to take care of you. Designed for educators, our toolkit includes practical, easy-to-use yoga and mindfulness tools to support your overall health and wellness as an educator. These tools give you the opportunity to take a well-deserved brain break and take care of your wellness right there during the school day.

Our 33-page toolkit includes:

  • 7 dimensions of wellness
  • 7 chair yoga tools
  • 4 mindful practices
  • 2 journal activities
  • 1 vision board template
  • 1 visualization
  • 1 affirmation template with 10 pre-made affirmations

No previous yoga experience or extra equipment necessary.

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