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No one talks about superintendent mental health. Leaders want that to change.

In an era of high stress and continuous turnover at the top, several leaders are sharing their strategies for remaining energized and in touch with the reasons they became educators. Read more →

Afterschool program helps Madison students Breathe For Change

Ninth-grader Riviera Wilson-Carpino turned to relaxation techniques she learned in an after-school program after geting stressed. Read more →

North Adams teachers and students felt overwhelmed during the pandemic

Now they are using yoga as a way to relax. 10 teachers and their superintendent are now creating amazing ripple effects throughout their school community using yoga and mindfulness. Read more →

Educators are turning yoga into a vehicle for school and community change

After a tumultuous few years teaching during a pandemic, some educators are embarking on a unique approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) training this summer: They’re pursuing a virtual wellness, SEL, and yoga training course. Read more →

Learning to Breathe: Educators Use Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Burnout

Kimberley Rose knew that breathing exercises could help kids calm down. Yet she never would have incorporated them into her classroom if she hadn’t experienced the power of these exercises herself. Read more →

Breathe For Change Provides Teaching Tools to Help Fight Burnout

Amy Kazda, who has been doing yoga for the past 15 years, said she found that starting and ending her classes with a “mindful minute”—leading students through breathing exercises, simple yoga poses, and other creative movements—helped improve their focus. Read more →

Can Yoga Help Prevent Teacher Burnout?

Donna Harrington, a yoga and wellness teacher at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, Mass., helped organize the five-week professional-development course, which was meant to teach self-care to teachers through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Read more →

Teacher Wellness and Well Being: Reducing Burnout, Improving Retention

An SELTODAY.ORG presentation: Teacher Wellness and Well Being with Dr. Ilana Nankin. Dr. Nankin is the Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change. She joins us to share more about what Breathe For Change’s mission, yoga, SEL and how Dr. Nankin advocates for educator wellness. Listen to the Podcast →

Improved Teacher Well-Being Is Only a Breath Away

Tammy Thompson-Kapp worked long hours and buried herself in unhealthy and unrealistic pressures to help her school. And she worried—about her teachers, her students and, eventually, herself. Then, a teacher introduced her to Breathe For Change, a movement created in 2015 by Founder and CEO Dr. Ilana Nankin. Read more →

Can Yoga Save Our Schools, One Teacher at a Time?

Could yoga save our schools? By giving teachers the tools to cope with the sometimes overwhelming stress of educating children, especially in under-resourced communities, Breathe For Change thinks it can. Read more →

Madison startup uses mindfulness to help teachers take care of their students and themselves

Breathe for Change is working to bring mindfulness and yoga practices to teachers and students. Ilana Nankin, founder and CEO, started the group in 2015 after seeing teachers get burned out and leave the profession. Read more →

Tools for teacher well-being and mindfulness

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast: Dr. Ilana Nankin talks about Breathe For Change — a wellness program that helps teachers combat burnout and stress through yoga. Listen to the Podcast →