Terms and Conditions

Breathe For Change Programs

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Breathe For Change Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training; Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training; Master’s Degree Program; Post-Graduate Certificate Program; and all Courses hosted on the Educator Wellness & SEL Platform, collectively referred to hereafter as “Breathe For Change Programs.” By enrolling in the program, I expressly agree to the following terms and conditions. 

Liability Release & Assumption of Risk

You recognize that the “Breathe For Change Programs” require physical exertion that may, in certain cases, cause physical injury. In participating, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of the risks involved. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician regarding any health concerns. As consideration for being permitted to participate, you hereby agree that you, your assignees, heirs, guardians and legal representatives will not claim against, sue or attach the property of Breathe For Change, Inc. for any injury or damage resulting from your participation. 

Breathe For Change Program Policies

Withdrawal Policy

In order to officially request to withdraw from your program, please complete and submit the Request Form linked here

If you withdraw from your program, you will also be removed from any associated Breathe For Change Educator Collective spaces or plans.

Your withdrawal will be processed accordingly depending upon the date of your form submission.

Note: If you’ve changed cohorts in the past, the policy below will apply to the date of the first Live Session of your original cohort.

Prior to the first Live Session of your program:

  • You will receive a refund of any payments you have made beyond your deposit. 
  • All outstanding payments in your upcoming payment schedule will be canceled.

After the first Live Session of your program begins:

  • Your deposit is nonrefundable. 
  • A cancellation fee will be applied to your balance owed.
  • Any completed payments beyond the deposit and cancellation fee will be credited to your Breathe For Change account as reusable tuition.
  • After your cancellation fee is processed, all outstanding payments in your upcoming payment schedule will be canceled.

If you have financed your program through Affirm, please review their refund policy here. If you are eligible for a refund, Breathe For Change will refund that amount to Affirm. You will need to work with the Affirm team to determine the actual refund amount you will receive based on their policies linked above.

Withdrawal requests must be submitted before the last Live Session of your program. You are not eligible for a withdrawal, refund, or credit beyond the last live session of your program

Cohort Change Policy

You may transfer your program enrollment to another available cohort. To officially request a cohort change, complete and submit this request form.

  • If you request the change more than 7 days prior to the first live session of your current cohort, your deposit and all payments will transfer over to the new cohort. 
  • If you submit the request within 7 days prior to the start of the first live session of training, or any time after the first live session of training, you will owe an additional $199 cohort change fee.
    • If you are on an in-house payment plan, you have two options
      • Your next monthly payment will be your cohort change fee, and your remaining payments will continue as scheduled the following month
      • You will pay the cohort change fee and your monthly tuition payment in the month of your cohort change
    • If you have already paid for your training in full, your cohort change fee will be charged to the card on file upon receipt of your form submission.
  • Cohort change requests must be submitted before the last live session of training. Cohort change requests received after the last live session of training will be charged the full tuition to attend a future session.

Payment Plan Policy

Tuition Payments

By registering for a Breathe For Change program you agree to pay the full tuition amount, minus any discounts. 

  • Tuition for the Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training must be paid in full no later than 12 months from the start of your program. 
  • Tuition for the Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training must be paid in full no later than 18 months from the start of your program. 
  • Tuition for the Post-Graduate Certificate program must be paid in full no later than 16 months from the start of your program. 
  • Tuition for the Master’s Degree program must be paid in full no later than 36 months from the start of your program. 

Autopay Policy

If you have registered for a program with the Breathe For Change in-house payment plan, your tuition payment will process automatically on the same day each month. The payment date is based on the date you made your initial deposit. 

Failed Payment Policy

In the event that your tuition payment fails, the payment will automatically reattempt up to 4 times. After 4 failed payment attempts, your curriculum access will be suspended. If you do not respond to Breathe For Change failed payment outreach within 10 days of the 4th failed payment, you will be withdrawn from the training.

Additional Costs 

You acknowledge that you are responsible for any additional costs incurred to participate in the Breathe For Change Programs, including, but not limited to: yoga mat, yoga props, any equipment for tech requirements, printed hardcopies of training documents, etc.

Post-Graduate Certificate and Master’s Programs


Breathe For Change is a member college of Woolf, a European Higher Education Institution. Your degree and/or certificate will be jointly issued by Breathe For Change and Woolf, with Woolf as the accredited institution.

Degree Recognition by School Districts

It is your responsibility to check with your district to ensure that they accept Master’s degrees and/or Post-Graduate Certificates for salary advancement, and that you are eligible for this advancement upon earning a Master’s degree. In order to get a U.S. school district or other institution to recognize your certificate or degree, you may need to go through the process of transferring a foreign degree, which may require evaluation from a certified evaluation service. If you pursue this option, Breathe For Change will reimburse the cost of evaluation (typically $100-$150) up to a maximum of $200.


Pending Accreditation

Breathe For Change’s Master’s Degree and Post-Graduate Certificate programs are in the process of accreditation. Progress made in Breathe For Change’s Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training, Transformative Teaching and Leadership Training, Practicum, and/or Capstone prior to the accreditation date will count toward a Master’s Degree and/or Post-Graduate Certificate upon accreditation. 

Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA)

The Post-graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree programs are undergoing accreditation* from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). A student agreement inclusive of payment of registration and tuition fees [for the accredited programs] shall only be signed upon approval of accreditation of this educational program, by the MFHEA.

*Accreditation is a form of certification in which the MFHEA will verify that an academic or vocational program meets minimum academic and vocational standards. Accreditation ensures that the qualification a student works so hard to obtain meets quality standards, and that it will be recognized as such by other educational institutions and employers. The decisive state of accreditation is the mapping of the program to the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – further information on the MFHEA and the MQF/EQF may be obtained from www.mfhea.mt  

Guarantees and Refund Policy

Breathe For Change has a guarantee policy in place in the unlikely case that there are issues with a transfer of a Certificate and/or Degree:

  • If an evaluation service determines that the Certificate or Degree is incomplete, Breathe For Change will provide additional coursework at no charge until the degree or certificate is complete.
  • If the evaluation service rejects the Certificate or Degree, or if the evaluation service verifies the Certificate or Master’s Degree and a school district rejects the Certificate or Degree due to it being a foreign degree, Breathe For Change will provide a full refund of the purchase of all programs bundled in the Certificate or Degree**.
  • *This policy does NOT apply if a school district does not recognize Certificates or Master’s Degrees for salary advancement, or if you are not eligible for advancement for other reasons.

Breathe For Change has a guarantee policy in place in the unlikely case accreditation is delayed:

  • If for any reason accreditation is not completed by the completion of your program, you are entitled to a full refund of tuition paid for the Practicum, Capstone, and for any other program that was purchased as a package with the Practicum and/or Capstone**.

**If you choose to receive a refund of your tuition payments, you will no longer be eligible to earn the certificate or degree.

All Other Educator Wellness & SEL Platform Program Policies

Payment and Refund Policies

Tuition Payments

All other Breathe For Change Educator Wellness & SEL Platform Program payments are non-refundable. 

Tech Requirements for Trainings

  • A computer or tablet with a functioning camera and microphone
  • Your device must be able to access the latest version of Zoom 
  • Zoom recommends broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Zoom recommends an internet speed of at least 1.5 megabits per second (mbps)

In some sessions, we will ask you to bring a cell phone to use as a timer in breakout rooms

Certification Requirements


Please read the article(s) below for your Breathe For Change Training(s) so you are clear on what certifications you will earn and what you can do with them!

Certification Requirements

In order to receive the official certifications and be eligible for any graduate credits or continuing education units associated with the Breathe For Change Programs: 

All certification decisions are final and at the sole discretion of Breathe For Change.

Trainee Code of Conduct

It is Breathe For Change policy to make every effort to provide a space that is as safe as possible and free from threatening and intimidating conduct. Therefore, Breathe For Change will not tolerate violence or threats of violence of any form in our programs, at program-related functions, or outside of the program if it affects the Breathe For Change community. This policy applies to company employees, clients, customers, guests, vendors and persons doing business with Breathe For Change.

It is a violation of this policy to engage in any conduct, verbal or physical, that intimidates, endangers, or creates the perception of intimidation or intent to harm persons or property. 

Anyone with questions or complaints about behaviors that fall under this policy may discuss them with our support team (email support@breatheforchange.com). 

You agree to uphold the community norms set and agreed to by the training community. Breathe For Change reserves the right to remove you from any Breathe For Change Program(s) as the company deems fit. Breathe For Change reserves the right to revoke your access to any Breathe For Change Program material or resources at any point due to trainee misconduct or inappropriate behavior.

Intellectual Property Policy

Breathe For Change Programs and any associated curriculum or content are copyrighted by Breathe For Change, Inc. and are provided for your personal use, and for your use in your classroom, school, or organizations. These materials are not intended for distribution, nor for commercial use.*

*Permissible Use of Copyrighted Material for Commercial Purposes

  • Breathe For Change must be credited with name and logo, and a link to www.breatheforchange.com/resources. Wherever possible a link to where the Breathe For Change content can be accessed must be provided.
  • Breathe For Change trainees and alumni may share a limited amount of Breathe For Change content for commercial purposes. No more than 10% of the content shared in commercial workshops or trainings may be copyrighted by Breathe For Change.
    • Examples
      • Show a maximum of 2 on-demand Breathe For Change videos
      • Reproduce a maximum of 5 pages from the training manual 
    • The usage of the specified videos and written content is permitted only within the context of the trainee or alumni’s commercial activity and must not exceed the stated limits.
    • Copying large amounts of Breathe For Change content directly from the website, curriculum, manual(s) or training(s) and restructuring it into a paid workshop or training is strictly prohibited.
  • Breathe For Change trainees and alumni may create original content based on the resources available on the website, manual(s) and curriculum. The new content must be distinctly different from the Breathe For Change content. 

Copyright Ownership

All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, in the Breathe For Change Program material, remain the sole property of Breathe For Change, Inc. Nothing in this policy shall be construed as transferring ownership or granting any license to any third party to modify, distribute, or reproduce the copyrighted material without prior written consent from Breathe For Change, Inc.

Photograph & Video Release

You hereby grant permission to the rights of your image, likeness and sound of your voice as recorded on audio or video without payment or any other consideration. You understand that your image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein your likeness appears. Additionally, you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of your image or recording. You also understand that this material may be used in diverse educational settings within an unrestricted geographic area.

Photographic, audio or video recordings may be used at the discretion of Breathe For Change, including but not limited to the following purposes: conference presentations, curriculum creation or presentation, educational presentations or courses, informational presentations, online educational courses, educational videos, promotional videos or materials. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these materials may be distributed.

Video Participation

It is highly encouraged that participants keep their computer video on during live sessions of Breathe For Change Programs. During certain portions of the digital Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training, so that the trainers will be able to properly assess the comprehension of the material, it will be required that participants turn on their computer video.

We record each live session of our Breathe For Change Programs so that if a registered participant has to miss the session they are able to watch the recording on-demand. When a Breathe For Change Program session is being recorded it will say “Recording” in the top left-hand corner. When you are in your small breakout room (such as when you are with your community group), you will NOT be recorded. It is up to you to decide how comfortable you are in the whole group session, knowing that it will be recorded. If you would prefer to avoid being on video completely during the whole group sessions (especially content sessions such as morning practice), you can simply turn your video off. If you do choose to keep your video off, be prepared for our facilitators to message you to confirm that you are active and participating in the session.