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Educator Testimonials

We have over 15,000 graduates of our Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training who are now collectively impacting the health and well-being of over 2 million students nationwide! Explore our Educator Testimonials below.

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School Leaders

“Breathe For Change has dramatically changed how I interact with students and staff. Professionally, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and offered to host workshops to the greater faculty. Last year, I led a retreat with my staff. We completed a 60 minute SEL workshop and 60 minute yoga practice. As the school year began, teachers were interested in continuing a yoga practice after school. We call it Mindful Mondays and practice yoga for 45-60 minutes!”

Christine D. School Principal

“Breathe For Change has helped me prioritize myself and be more self-aware. Through the years, I have not been taking enough care of myself. My stress has been reduced tremendously through using techniques I have learned, and I have helped others use techniques to be more self-aware, reduce stress in their life, and be mindful of their emotions.”

Eleanor C. Campus Support Leader

“The greatest impact that Breathe For Change has had on me, both personally and professionally, is that I now have a daily meditation practice and a personal yoga practice. Even when my mind is telling me there isn’t enough time and I am inclined to rush, I take deep breaths and prioritize slowing down. To embed self-care practices into the work day, I incorporate yoga practices to begin every meeting, professional development session, family conference, etc.”

Gina H. Assistant Principal

“Since graduation, each quarter, I present my students with a Mindfulness Movement routine. We practice different movements, breathing exercises, and creative expressions while discussing the power of these strategies in the moment of heightened emotion or personal experience. I have also been offering a free, virtual meditation and yoga practice every Tuesday evening.”

Sarah W. Upper Elementary Guide

K-12 Educators

“Breathe for Change completely changed the way I teach and interact with those in my classroom and in my professional community. It has made me more compassionate, more aware of social injustices, better equipped to teach social-emotional curriculum, and more willing to put myself out there in my stretch zone.”

Kristy H. Kindergarten Teacher

“While I still have “off” days, I have learned to notice when my body needs to take a break. I have learned to slow down, breathe, and realize that self-care is so important. Professionally, I have gained a reputation for doing mindfulness and yoga, and other staff will come to me for ideas and advice if they are having difficulty how to help students. It has truly been life changing!”

Sara N. 3rd Grade Teacher

“Breathe For Change training has made me a more purposeful, mindful, centered individual. I stop and breathe throughout the day, which has transferred into my class environment and my student population. My class community is more nurturing and playful with SEL lessons that connect to themes and yoga breaks.”

Allison K. 5th Grade Teacher

“One of the best parts of training was the beautiful community that we were able to build in such a short amount of time! Very powerful stuff. Since graduating, I have implemented strategies from training such as Chime Time in my classroom, and general mindfulness meditations at the start of staff meetings. I am very happy to be able to share strategies that bring people positivity.”

Larisa H. Science Teacher

Physical Education Teachers

“B4C has helped me feel valued and important again. The fact that B4C started with ME first was just incredible. B4C has given me tools, strategies, and action steps to help myself and help my students. This class should be required for everyone in teaching! It was truly amazing!”

Brenda E. K-12 Physical Education

“I’ve been doing meditations with my students and they are so appreciative. Some of my former students have reached out saying that they are continuing on their own and they appreciate me opening them up to it. I never want to stop being a part of this community. I love everything about Breathe For Change. They motivate me to continue to do better.”

Kelly G. 9-12 Physical Education

“I love the structure and the methodical nature of the program. I have been able to implement the program at a very broad scale because of this. I worked on developing the tools to support my own self awareness and transformation. I now have a much broader range of tools to share with my community.”

Michelle S. Department Chair, Student Health & Wellness and Physical Education

Mental Health Professionals

“Breathe for Change helped me to be confident in facilitating the SEL*F framework, and have seen it’s great effect on our students’ well-being and behavior. Personally, B4C has strengthened my service-orientation and social justice vision for teaching and leading. I am more calm and centered and determined to work with joy and lead with love.”

Estela C. K-5 School Counselor

“I have used so many of the tools Breathe For Change has shared with us however, the one that stands out the most is the “Settling In” portion of lessons. I now use this tool every single time I teach to any population I work with; children and adults, and it has made a world of difference in how my lesson is accepted. “

Katrina M. K-5 Behavior Interventionist

“Since graduating, I have incorporated mindful movement with yoga into the mindfulness classes I’ve been teaching for 4th-8th graders in my school and have been doing workshops with high schoolers, too. Additionally, I offer a weekly yoga and mindfulness class to the staff at my school. It has given me the confidence to stand rooted in my power as a gentle healer through my teachings and offerings.”

Molly H. Social Emotional Wellness Teacher/Coach

Early Childhood Educators

“Breathe For Change has given me the confidence to lead small and large groups. I am working with Pre-K through adults in my school district. My new role this year has opened up several doors for me and I am only teaching mindfulness this year. I feel like the sky is the limit and my school district and Breathe For Change has given me an incredible opportunity to change the world.”

Andrea A. Early Childhood Teacher On Special Assignment for Mindfulness

“Since completing the Breathe For Change training, I am able to recognize my unique self, what fulfills my wellbeing and live intentionally. I am now a member of the WellBeing Committee in my center. I post weekly wellbeing experiences for my co-educators and parents to participate in, and I do yoga and breathing exercises with my pre-kindergarteners!”

Fatema G. PreK Teacher

“My favorite part of training was absolutely everything! From the education, training, live weekends, and amazing bonds formed, it was a transformational experience. The connection with others has been truly amazing. In a time that has been so challenging in education (and life), having B4C has been a breath of fresh air. The impact has been amazing and has started to create a cultural shift in our school community. “

Darcy A. Early Childhood & Lower School Division Head

Special Education Teachers

“Since completing the Breathe For Change training, I am more reflective with my behavior and responses. Before, I would not stop long enough to breathe and understand all perspectives. Now, I do and I am less stressed. I facilitate two yoga classes and one mindful meditation session. I facilitated my first SEL*F workshop which was a success!”

Dr. Elana E. Special Education Teacher – School-Based Teacher Leader – Literacy

“Breathe For Change has invited me to be more focused on my wellness goals and setting up rituals and routine. Going through the 200-hr training allowed me to understand the many different ways I can grow both professionally within my school setting as well as business offerings to my community.”

Stephanie K. PreK Special Education Teacher

“One of the biggest impacts that training had one me was that I discovered the freedom of finding my voice and not feeling guilty taking space. As educators we need to stay calm even in the most hectic situations. Students are always watching our reactions or lack of reaction. It is my job to welcome them into my calm, not join their chaos B4C has made this possible 97% of the time; I do work in high school SEL that 3% is a work in progress!”

Erika G. Special Education Teacher

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