Lakeshore Learning Partners with Breathe For Change

Lakeshore Learning and Breathe For Change Unite to Empower Educators and Students Nationwide

Lakeshore Learning, a leader in innovative teaching supplies, is delighted to announce its new partnership with Breathe For Change, a movement to bring wellness, inspiration, and community to every educator and student. This partnership will combine Lakeshore Learning’s beloved high-quality educational materials with Breathe For Change’s life-changing professional development to equip educators and schools with the tools to nurture well-being, foster community, and enhance student outcomes. These efforts will ultimately work to address critical issues such as teacher stress, burnout, and student behavioral challenges.

“Breathe For Change is thrilled to partner with Lakeshore Learning to support more educators, students,
and school communities,” said Dr. Ilana Nankin, Founder and CEO of Breathe For Change. “We know
that this collaboration will transform classrooms into spaces where students can thrive academically,
socially, and emotionally.”

This partnership marks an important moment within a larger journey to address significant issues in education, such as teacher stress and student behavioral challenges. To kickstart this initiative, Lakeshore Learning and Breathe For Change will be offering a free webinar on Wednesday, May 8. This webinar is designed to equip educators with essential skills in wellness, social and emotional learning, and community building. Furthermore, this event will also provide a platform for educators to connect with peers who are equally passionate about creating thriving classroom environments. Register for the webinar here.

At the heart of this partnership are four co-created packages that blend physical products with customized strategies for classroom implementation. The packages include programs, resources, spaces, activities and supplies dedicated to enhancing educators and students’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Recognizing the need for comprehensive support, Lakeshore Learning and Breathe For Change aim to support thriving school communities where educators have the tools and training to
cultivate learning environments where every student can succeed.