How to Reduce Stress & Burnout, a Toolkit for Educators

As educators, most of us have experienced stress at work due to accountability pressures, workload, and hours. However, sustained stress over time – with prolonged demands on our energy, strength, and resources – puts us at risk of burnout.

Here at Breathe For Change, we recognize that systemic change is the only long-term solution to teacher stress and burnout, even as we advocate for more sustainable institutional practices. That said, we also know that educators need tools to support self-care now, not later.

In this toolkit, you will gain 7 mindful strategies that can be added to your personal practice and be integrated into the classroom to help manage stress and prevent burnout, including:

  • 3 reflective practices to build self-awareness and support responsible decision making
  • 1 meditation practice to cultivate compassion and love for self and others
  • 1 educational framework to deepen learning, foster growth, and promote community connection
  • 1 mindful movement practice to enhance self-awareness and release tension.
  • 1 journaling practice to model an attitude of gratitude.

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