The Science

Since 2015, Breathe For Change has worked closely with educator and school communities to effectively integrate wellness, mindfulness, and SEL into the school day.

Grounded in pedagogy and evidence.

Breathe For Change is an evidence-based and standards-aligned program. Developed over 10+ years by dozens of team members, researchers, and advisors–and refined via input from hundreds of thousands of survey responses–our pedagogy is at the heart of what we do and at the leading edge of successful education. Our curriculum includes:

  • Social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Positive psychology

Backed by Science & Research

Breathe For Change programs meet ESSA Level III Promising research standards.

Improve educator well-being and student behaviors

A study conducted by Learn Platform found that our programs reduced educator-reported stress and burnout, while improving global health, SEL, self-efficacy, and challenging student behaviors.

Protect mental health

A study conducted by Harvard found our programs can play a protective role in maintaining mental health.

Support student SEL and academic outcomes

Dr. Ilana’s Nankin’s dissertation revealed the critical connection between educator well-being and student social-emotional and academic outcomes.

Improve focus and attention

A study conducted by the California State University of Fullerton found our programs can improve focus and attention.

Reduce stress and burnout

A study conducted by a Ph.D. candidate at the Stanford Mind-Body Lab found reduced teacher stress and burnout and enhanced efficacy.

Improve symptoms of anxiety

A randomized controlled study conducted by Tulane University found that our programs may improve symptoms of anxiety among students.

Locally implemented. Globally recognised.

Our 15,000 Graduates LOVE Breathe For Change

“I knew there had to be a way for me to approach my self-care while simultaneously providing my students with the same tools. Breathe For Change offered me a community to learn the skills needed to support my students’ physical and mental self-care and a space for me to practice, learn, and grow through yoga and SEL*F collaboration. Breathe For Change and their Educator Collective has completely changed my life.”

India G. Education Specialist

“The Breathe For Change Educator Collective is powerful. It allows members the space to practice by joining the live classes that are held daily. Wellness posts afford members the opportunity to be energized reflective humans being. The community access is priceless because you’re tapped into so much goodness, love and kindness. What I appreciate most are the monthly SEL Curriculum classes.”

China M. Teacher

“Breathe for Change is an empowering experience, not just as an educator but as a human being. I have found these strategies to be so helpful for my own self-care that is improving my ability to teach students and share practices to support them in their well-being. I am so grateful that I took the leap and began this journey. The classes and resources have been transformational for me and all my relationships.”

Katelyn R. High School Teacher