Mindful Classroom Management

Empowering Educators & Students to THRIVE

Foster positive student behaviors and outcomes.

Mindful Classroom Management offers educators a comprehensive tiered system of support designed to establish an engaging, interconnected, and inspiring learning space. Breathe For Change’s innovative THRIVE Method empowers educators and leaders to forge environments that encourage positive behaviors, elevate student achievements, and enrich the overall well-being of the entire school community.

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The Breathe For Change THRIVE Method

The Breathe For Change THRIVE Method consists of 6 simple steps educators can easily implement to foster a positive school culture and climate. The 6 steps to THRIVE include:

  • Teach Expectations
  • Honor Experiences
  • Respond Mindfully
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Validate Progress
  • Encourage Transformation

Through this training, educators become certified in the Breathe For Change THRIVE Method and walk away confident in their ability to mindfully manage their classroom.

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Learning Outcomes

Create a thriving and consistent classroom environment

Enhance student self-awareness and self-management 

Increase student engagement and active participation

Reignite students’ purpose and passion for learning 

Foster psychological and physical safety in the classroom

Catalyze human connection in your school community

Reduce behavior challenges to improve student outcomes

Course Details

At a Glance


Format: Virtual & Self-Paced

Course Access: Lifetime

Audience: PreK-12 Educators & Higher Education

Tuition: $499

What’s Included

9 online course modules with engaging instructional videos, reflection questions, integration activities, lesson plans, and printable resources.

Training Structure


Self-Paced Modules

The Mindful Classroom Management Course includes 9 online self-paced modules of instructional videos, SEL strategies, reflections, integration activities, lesson plans, downloadable resources, and more.


Professional Development Sessions

Our interactive professional development sessions are led by award-winning educators and leaders in the field. During these sessions — which take place on Zoom — educators will learn tangible strategies they can draw on as they implement the THRIVE Method throughout their teaching. Two 1-hour sessions are included in training and educators can choose which options work best for them.

Mindful Classroom Management Curriculum

The Mindful Classroom Management Course includes 9 online self-paced modules of instructional videos, SEL strategies, reflections, integration activities, downloadable resources, and more.

Become an expert in the 6-step Breathe For Change THRIVE Method through the following modules:

Learn Breathe For Change’s innovative approach to Mindful Classroom Management, grounded in multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) best practices. Build your foundation to cultivate learning environments that promote positive behaviors, improve student outcomes, and enhance school-wide well-being.

Strengthen your own social-emotional skills as an educator and leader to build your confidence as a mindful classroom manager. Discover how to establish systems of support and use mindful strategies that will promote positive behaviors and set you and your students up to thrive in your classroom community.

Create a safe and structured environment for your students and gain practical tools to establish expectations from the very beginning. Introduce your students to foundational wellness and social-emotional learning practices that will set the stage for a more mindful, thriving classroom all year long.

Learn to acknowledge your students’ experiences as they arise through mindful listening, vulnerable sharing, and courageous conversations. Be prepared to collaborate with students through challenges in order to maintain a supportive and positive learning environment for all community members.

Become equipped to mindfully respond when students struggle to meet the behavioral agreements you’ve established within your community. Strengthen your ability to unpack student behavior, reteach expectations, provide empowering incentive structures, and introduce effective replacement behaviors.

Identify individual and collective opportunities for growth within your classroom community. Monitor student progress by assessing their physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being and academic outcomes. Adjust and adapt your systems of support to best set students up for success.

Celebrate students’ wins and honor their progress every step of the way. Appreciate the individual and collective strength, courage, and commitment students demonstrate within your classroom community. Encourage students to adopt an attitude of gratitude and acknowledge their personal growth.

Inspire students to tap into their creativity and express their innate talents, passions, and strengths. Facilitate opportunities for full self expression that allow students to discover new insights, cultivate a stronger sense of self, and collectively grow as individuals and as a classroom and school community.

Put your Mindful Classroom Management toolkit into action to ensure all of your students and community members have access to the support they need to thrive. Become a leader and advocate in your school, district, or organization, and create ripple effects that enhance collective well-being.

Locally implemented. Globally recognised.

District-wide and School-wide Programming

Bring Mindful Classroom Management to your school today

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