TEACHella: Free
Wellness & SEL*Festival

The event has now passed, but you can still register to receive the recording during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Watch the Replay

Watch the TEACHella Replays!

TEACHella: Wellness & SEL*Festival, a transformative experience hosted by Breathe For Change, has now passed but you can still watch the recordings! Engage in a series of online one-hour workshops to revolutionize the way you approach wellness and social-emotional learning in education.

The Schedule

Trauma-Informed Chair Yoga for You & Your Students

Day 1 | Register to Receive the On-Demand Recording!

More than two-thirds of our students will experience at least one traumatic event by age 16, and as educators, we are highly likely to be impacted by burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma. In this interactive workshop, Breathe For Change’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Ilana Nankin, and Head Trainer, Michelle Cordero, will explore:

✓ What is trauma and why it matters
✓ How to recognize the symptoms of trauma, including the different physical and psychological reactions that children, teens, and adults experience
✓ What is trauma-informed chair yoga, and how it is a valuable tool to support you and your students
✓ How trauma-informed yoga and mindful practices can enhance well-being
✓ LIVE Q&A with Ilana and Michelle to answer all of your questions about sharing trauma-informed chair yoga practices

From this workshop, you will leave equipped to integrate accessible, trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga practices into your daily life and teaching in a safe, supported way… using just the power of your chair!

Backed by Science: The Power of Wellness and SEL in Education

Day 2 | Register to Receive the On-Demand Recording!

Dive into the science of wellness and SEL in education. In this workshop, Dr. Ilana Nankin and Michael Fenchel, Breathe For Change founders, will explore the evidence-based benefits of integrating mind-body wellness and social-emotional learning practices into schools, including its impacts on:

+ Neuroscience – The Brain and Nervous System
+ Children’s development
+ Positive psychology
+ Trauma, including polyvagal theory

Together, we will discuss the latest research behind time-honored practices on today’s student and educator, including its effects on stress, burnout, and mental health.

You will complete this workshop with an understanding of the science and research behind yoga, mindfulness, wellness, and social-emotional learning for educators, students, and school communities.

Expert Panel: Practical Strategies to Transform Wellness, SEL, and Mental Health in Schools

Day 3 | Register to Receive the On-Demand Recording!

Learn from experts who are doing the work in their school communities!

Join the Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change, Ilana Nankin, Ph.D., and a panel of experienced educators and school leaders from across the nation who are leading cutting-edge wellness and social-emotional learning practices, programs, and professional development in their schools and districts.

Through this workshop, you will gain directly-implementable tangible tools to integrate into your school day and, in doing so, join a movement of passionate educators transforming education, one breath at a time.

The Lineup

Dr. Ilana Nankin, Founder

Dr. Ilana Nankin—the Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change—is an award-winning entrepreneur, teacher educator, and former public school teacher committed to using wellness as a vehicle for healing and social change. Ilana earned degrees in both psychology and education at UC Berkeley, and received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Wisconsin.

Michael Fenchel, Founder

Michael is a social entrepreneur and facilitator who has started four successful companies including Breathe For Change. Passionate about conscious leadership, Michael is also co-founder of PRDX, a community of founders co-creating belonging and flow, and Prism.fm, a music tech company powering 100,000+ shows per year.

Michelle Cordero, Lead Trainer

Michelle Cordero has devoted the last 3 decades to deepening her connection to and sharing the powerful practice of yoga with the world. Michelle has her Master’s Degree, a certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, and training with Trauma Center’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY) program and Trauma Informed Resilience Oriented Approach (TIRO).

And a Special Guest Panel of Educators and School Leaders!