Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Teacher Burnout

In this experiential webinar, Breathe For Change’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Ilana Nankin, and 200-hour Yoga Trainer, Michelle Cordero, will inspire and equip you with trauma-informed mindfulness and mindful movement practices to support your mental health. Through this workshop, you will experience the benefits of inclusive mindfulness practices in your own body and gain the skill and confidence to facilitate healing wellness practices in your classrooms and communities!

Check out our video to see our Founder & CEO, Dr. Ilana Nankin, modeling how to teach Belly Breathing to both younger and older students!

Want to learn more transformational strategies and become a certified yoga teacher and SEL Facilitator? Breathe For Change offers the world’s only 200-hour Mindfulness, Social-Emotional Learning, and Yoga Teacher Training designed specifically for educators and community leaders. Our training certifies you to become a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator, all from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about our teacher training.