Breathe, Move, Grow: Blending Mindfulness and Nature for Whole Child Development

In Partnership with Tinkergarten & Highlights

Join Meghan Fitzgerald, founder of Tinkergarten, and Dr. Ilana Nankin, founder of Breathe For Change, for an experiential workshop/webinar to learn how to incorporate mindfulness and playful time outdoors to significantly improve mental health and well-being for both children and ourselves as educators.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into:

  • The Science of Mindfulness and Outdoor Play: Dive into the latest research behind mindfulness and outdoor play for children and educators
  • Effects on Mental Health, Behavior, and Well-Being: Understand how combining mindfulness and movement techniques with outdoor play can support children’s mental health, sensory development, behavior, and educator well-being
  • Practical Mindfulness Strategies & Outdoor Activities for Educators and Students: Learn powerful methods, designed to be easily integrated into daily or weekly routines, proven to help to reduce stress, foster joy, and deepen connection
  • Open Q&A: Get your questions answered

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