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Breathe For Change and Lakeshore Learning have joined forces to provide teachers with innovative products and strategies that enhance student learning, inspire well-being, and foster a thriving school community.

Download your teaching toolkit complete with 23 pages of CASEL-aligned SEL strategies, trauma-informed wellness practices, community-building exercises, and more that you can use alongside Lakeshore Learning products.

Learn More About Breathe For Change

Breathe For Change offers transformational trainings and resources that empower educators to enhance well-being, foster connection, and improve educational outcomes.

Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to support your own mental and physical health as a busy educator, gain transformative social-emotional learning and mindfulness tools to integrate seamlessly into your classroom, and become certified to teach yoga to young people and adults.

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The Educator Collective

Nurture your wellbeing with hundreds of classes designed to improve your physical and mental health, cultivate profound relationships with fellow educators across the country, PLUS gain access to classroom-ready, CASEL-aligned strategies to support behavior, engagement, and SEL in your classroom.
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School & District Partnerships

Breathe For Change offers a comprehensive solution for social-emotional learning and teacher well-being. We partners with schools and districts to enhance educator well-being and retention, improve student academic outcomes, and develop a school-wide culture of SEL and wellness.

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Your Success Starts with Your Well-Being

“Without teacher well-being I cant serve the rainbow of students that come to me every day with different needs and different wants. Breathe For Change is career changing.”

Transforming Education Across the Nation

Breathe For Change has certified over 15,000 educators through our training, who are positively impacting the lives, learning, and well-being of 2 million students nationwide.