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The World’s Only Master’s Degree in Transformative Teaching and Leadership

Address the Root Causes of Stress and Burnout in Education

Make your career more sustainable, purposeful, and enjoyable.

Experience Transformative Pedagogy in Action

Gain practical skills to foster wellness, inspiration, and community.

Join a Community of Passionate, Like-Minded Educators

Build lasting relationships and embrace new opportunities.

Receive Expert Mentorship and Coaching

Grow personally and professionally reach your full potential.

Unite Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence

Co-create a brave space in which you can heal, grow, and connect.

Develop Your Leadership and Make An Impact

Conduct Action Research and moving the field of education forward.

Earn Specializations in SEL, Mindfulness, and Yoga

Get the credentials you need to create positive change.

Become Certified as an Advanced Yoga Teacher

Learn to lead trauma-informed classes for diverse populations.

Degrees, Certifications, & Career Advancement

Post-Graduate Degrees & Certificates

  • Masters of Education in Transformative Teaching and Leadership

  • Certificate of Specialization in Social-Emotional Learning

  • Certificate of Specialization in Mindfulness and Yoga

Yoga Alliance Certifications

  • 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Certification (CYT-200) 

  • 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification (CYT-300)

  • Qualified to Register Through Yoga Alliance (RYT-500)

Breathe For Change Certifications

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Facilitation (SEL*F) Certification

  • T.E.A.C.H. Method Certification

Your Success Starts with Your Well-Being

“Without teacher well-being I cant serve the rainbow of students that come to me every day with different needs and different wants. Breathe For Change is career changing.”

Join a Nationwide Movement of Educators

Breathe For Change has certified over 15,000 educators through this training. Our alumni drive our positive impact on the lives, learning, and well-being of 20 million students around the world.